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Welcome Gwenches and Gwentlemen! This blog is about GWENT The Witcher Card Game through the eyes of two girls. Experience the dark, grey Witcher world displayed in the card game through rose-coloured glasses. Silver for monsters, steel for humans, and glitter for everyone!

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The story of GGGG. Read about its origin, purpose, mile stones and why 3 Gs are not enough here.

"Why GG when you can GG twice?"
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Chirping Reds: Community Manager Alicja Kozera

The silverware has been polished and sweet sins have been baked: GGGG invited the self-proclaimed Empress of Nilfgaard and CDPR Community Manager Alicja Kozera to a tea party. We are talking about fashion, the hardships of being the Empress and - of course - about leeks.

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GWENT: Phonecoming

About places where you should (not) play GWENT on mobile, horses in outer space, anti-rust-magic and why a being smombie isn't a good idea with Saovine drawing near.

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Shiny! Jewellery in GWENT– Part 2: Humans

In the second episode, we move on to the realms of humans all across the factions. From the crowns of monarchs to wealthy citizens and pirates: Humans dress to impress!

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