The first post

It’s done!
I finally got my pink website with unicorns and rainbows<3! Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming is live and I am super hyped to write these lines of our very first blog post! Who would have thought that it would feel so good? However, I am aware that the work here just began, but it feels like the start of an adventure and I am so excited to explore many unknown paths.

Web design and WordPress were completely new to me and I thought I was prepared for the challenge. Starting with a free account made it hard to stay positive at certain points. It certainly was demotivating, when all the ideas in my head were crushed by the limited options of the editor. In contrast, it was fun to think of workarounds, which ultimately lead to a rough draft of the website after two days. Until… we kind of “blundered into” self-hosting after the generous offer of a friend, who had some space at his web server to spare.
With the self-hosted website came a new editor, so I had to start pretty much from scratch again. But all the options! All the possibilities!

Writing of possibilities: I actually thought the blank page of the first post would be more intimidating, but during the creation of the website and with earlier writing experience under my belt, it was “just” like starting another text. The lack of writing experience was not an issue; however, the lack of experience regarding blogging and web design certainly was. And yet it took only a mere week from the first careful steps into these realms to the blog you are reading now. Looking back, I am still asking myself how we made it this far in that short amount of time.
It would not have been possible without the help our supporters, so we decided our first post should be a “Thank you.” to those people.


He is the host of our website as mentioned earlier. Thank you very much for allowing us to decorate the corner of that server with glitter and rainbows. His explanations were very helpful to me, who had no idea what the difference to be self-hosting actually meant (“basically you now have a free standing house on my property, instead of an apartment in a community building”). He also helped with us to lay the foundations of the website.

As a graphic alchemist (I wanted to write “wizard”, but he told me to change his profession), he did not try to square the circle, but circled the square instead by transforming my first square-shaped draft of the logo into the cute unicorn surrounded by the blog name you can see now. You can find more of his skilled work at his website.


Writing of the cute unicorn logo: Her unicorn font graces the website and we crowned her unicorn as part of our logo. The whole font is just so a-do-ra-ble. Thank you for bringing so much cuteness to the internet by creating it!

CD Project Red

Without CDPR there would be no GWENT and without GWENT there would be no GGGG! Thank you for all the fun I already had and will have with your games. Love and kisses to all the people in the background, who usually do not get enough love and kisses <3 Now I just need a pink faction in GWENT for pure bliss.


The Lodge of Sorceresses

“At the Lodge you can be yourself.” That is certainly true. Which other sane group would allow a demon cat within their ranks? The Lodge is a friendly community full of different interesting individuals. It used to be GWENT-only, but evolved into a multi-gaming Discord. It’s been over a year since I joined and I never regretted it.

Angie (aka Ammers)

Thank you for founding the aforementioned Lodge. Angie is also an active blogger. She was the one who inspired me to publish this as a blog and not on tumblr, which we had considered earlier. Angie also introduced me to…

The Blaugust Community

Blaugust is a festival of blogging and aims to bring fresh life to the blogging community for one month per year. Their Newbie Blogger Initiative was a huge help to get this blog started. All of my questions and problems were addressed in the Blaugust Discord server by fellow bloggers. For two hours we tried to pinpoint the reason why line breaks in the text editor were not displayed – just to find out that the line break was actually there, but invisible because of the zoom level of the website.
Thank you for bearing with me.


That’s it for the first blog post. We will see what the future holds for Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming, what and how frequently we will post and where this blog will lead us. Stay tuned.

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  1. Will wait for more posts, seems very coll and interesting already. And thanks for discovering the Lodge of Sorcerers for me <3 (now have to understand how to join em.)

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