Shiny! Jewellery in GWENT– Part 1: Monsters

Time for our first real content post, and we will start with something I was really looking forward to: Gold, silver, gems (and not the ones indicating card rarity at the upper left corner), necklaces, rings – Let’s talk about jewellery <3

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


If you browse through the card collection, jewellery isn’t something that jumps right into your eye – some exceptions like Pickpocket aside. However, upon taking a closer look, many of the characters displayed at the cards wear jewellery or other kinds of adornments. In this post we shall have that very closer look and begin with the Monster faction and their races.

You might ask “Monsters and jewellery? Are you crazy?”

It certainly is correct, that a certain level of intelligence, self-awareness and culture is necessary to grasp the whole concept of jewellery. A rabid beast like a Rotfiend or a Barbegazi won’t wear shiny necklaces. In fact it would be a hindrance, as some monsters rely on camouflage to catch their prey.



A Cyclops might not be a shining example of intelligence (I am sorry, pal =(), and yet you can see it wearing a necklace in its card artwork. At first glance, it appeared as a shield of an unfortunate soldier, who did not survive the encounter with this one-eyed monster. Upon closer inspection of the premium card and its sparkling effect there, it became clear that it wasn’t a shield, but a rough gem or at least a pretty glowing stone. As it seems, the joy of wearing and creating jewellery is part of their mind as well.

She-Troll of Vergen is a similar case: She uses the skulls and antlers of animals which give her a shamanic touch. I also give her credit for turning something as common as a wheel into jewellery. Maybe it is just a troll-sized amulet?

It is also interesting to note here, that Bridge Troll sports a similar decoration. Note how both trolls wear a crown-like headband made of coarse rope with bone pieces knotted into it.

She-Troll of Vergen


Celaeno Harpy

Celaeno Harpy wears jewellery as well. Its head is adorned by a beautiful, bacchantic wreath of ivy, wrapped around a sky-blue headband. It also wears glittering, shining white crystals wrapped in cloth and rope around its wrists; the crystals seem almost as if they pierce out of the harpy’s skin, forming luminescent claws.


The lesser vampire Gael also likes shiny things, as indicated in its artwork. The glittering aspect is probably more relevant than the actual worth of the jewellery it hoarded. A colourful glass marble might be as interesting as a gem, if it does follow the behaviour as indicated in its flavour text “A fondness for shiny trinkets is not a trait unique to magpies.“.

Higher vampires, however, are on a whole different page. The mightiest among them are superior to humans in every aspect end even able to disguise themselves and appear as one of the mortals. This is why they are wearing jewellery as well – as part of their disguise or because they find it appealing. Using Orianna as example: The gemstones she wears are literally vibrant, “red gold” gets a whole new meaning in her artwork.
Contrary to popular belief, silver means no harm to higher vampires unlike to their lesser congeners. That material isn’t off limits when it comes to trinkets.

Higher vampires are not even the pinnacle of their race. This place belongs to the Unseen Elders, ancient higher vampires, who – albeit secluded from our world – act as highest authority among the vampire race.

The Unseen Elder wears an amulet which is probably not even from our world, but was brought with him from the vampire world when the Conjunction of Spheres (a cataclysm which occurred about 1.500 years ago which dimensional shifts caused unnatural beings to end up in this world) transported his species into our realms.

As the Unseen Elder is not particular fond of company, we were not able to ask him more about his amulet. Its material might not even exist in our world and maybe it is not even jewellery at all, but the key to the portal between the vampire world and ours which he guards?


Most dragon cards may be neutral, apart from Keltullis as part of the Monsters faction.

Just like higher vampires, some dragons can assume the form of humans and thus wear jewellery like they do. But what about the tales of dragons dwelling in caves, sleeping on mountains of gold? Their hoards are said to contain ancient artefacts, gemstones with the size of a human’s head and whatever riches one can think of. While no dragon is depicted with its hoard in any of their card’s art, the game Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales confirms the rumour of dragons having a hoard.

When Meve decides to spare Keltullis, she is rewarded with riches from her hoard before the dragon leaves Mahakam.

I just hope the rumour of dragons, kidnapping princesses is not true as well…


This concludes the first part of our jewellery series. In the next episode we will have a closer look at the various adornments of the human race. Also don’t miss part three about the jewellery of dryads and the Elder Races.

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