What if GWENT were not a card game?

My first Single-Scribble here at GGGG.

It is about a silly idea I had when I was about to fall asleep, and as it was still stuck in my head when I woke up the next morning, I thought it would be worth it to make a blog post. As Easha is not too fond of silly ideas, you will have to bear with me alone this time.

You can click the card names  to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.

So without further ado, I raise the questions:

What if GWENT were...


...a dating simulator?

by eredins-a-king-aint-he on tumblr

That leads us straight to the much-discussed question: Team Yen, Triss or Shani? But what about Letho or Geralt? Lambert or Eskel? Or someone else?
Whoever might be the lucky one, a dating simulator gameplay would be ridiculous.

Apart from all the usual conversations where every potential bachelor(ette) is into the protagonist after a few sentences for whatever reasons, imagine the possibilities: Cliché bath scenes, a drinking contest were you can smuggle Expired Ale into your rival’s glass… What about the Crones as envious ex-lovers who try to ruin your new relationship which is about to blossom into something more?

I would love to have some action cards, where you play your hand according to what happens in a conversation. Maybe sing an Inspirational Ballad? Attempt some Bribery? Shut up that annoying side character nobody likes with Runeword?

I would totally play this and date them all!

...a puzzle game?

Some simple things like sliding puzzles with Gwent artworks would be a rather dull solution. However, CDPR already prepared something for you puzzle needs: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales has some tricky GWENT-puzzles. Some of them are quite difficult and require the player to think outside the box.

...an open-world RPG?

Once again, CDPR already released a GWENT spinoff and created a little RPG around the card game. They sell it as The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt as part of their GWENT-promoting-strategy. I played it a little while (just 127 hours), it’s a nice addition to the GWENT main game. They should totally make it a stand-alone!

...an auto-battler?

You might think it’s a little hard to play GWENT sitting back, doing nothing, but in fact there used to be an infamous deck in vintage GWENT which let you do this. It was only possible because of the gold-immunity back in those days. Even cards like Scorch and Geralt: Igni did not affect gold cards and only a few other cards like Dimeritium Bomb were able to negate that immunity.

The game plan of the “Fringilla-Gambit” was as follows:
Bait your opponent into a pass round one, play all your remaining cards to boost one unit to 60+ power and copy that strength to another unit using Fringilla Vigo, then use Resilience to carry over that power into Round 2. In your first turn of Round 2, use a gold card to consume them. Now, the opponent has to face about 120 untouchable points, while one could sit back and watch them struggle to overcome this enormous lead.

This was as close to an auto-battler as it could possibly get. But maybe CDPR develops a seasonal mode where you can set up your board during Round 1 and 2 – and have all the units duel each other in Round 3?

...a beat'em up?

As Geralt is already part of Soul Calibur VI, why not let Whoreson Junior wave his nail club around? Bodyslam your opponent with Shupe or throw barrels at them! Have a tentacle spectacle and grapple your opponent with Kayran. Finally smash your opponent with a lute like Dandelion: Poet. I have to giggle when I imagine Eredin’s dark voice as commentator, shouting “Round 1 – FIGHT!” or “Ciri wins!

...a battle-royale?

This could make an interesting seasonal mode as well.
The 9 slots per row could decrease over time, maybe indicated by the visual effect of Ragh Nar Roog. Cards which are affected would be destroyed after two rounds. Once in a while some loot-drop cards spawn which have effects like “2 power; Deathwish: Destroy the lowest enemy unit.” or “If you boosted at least 2 units this turn, boost one allied units by twice of that amount.”. To “open” such a loot crate, you need to have at least one unit adjacent to it.

At the end of the day, I still enjoying normal GWENT as a card game, but thinking about those options was fun.
Until next time, my lovelies! <3

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