5 Reasons why the new Iron Judgment expansion will be great

With the imminent release of the Iron Judgment GWENT expansion on October 2nd, we collected five aspects in no particular order we look forward to:

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


1) The Logo

Have a look at it: It could be the logo of a metal band. Iron (Redanian) Eagle? Check. Fiery glowing sword? Check. Worn iron feathers and wings? Check! And while we are at the topic of metal: The armour mechanic will be back.

And even though Lambert’s effect has changed, his artwork sadly has not: Glambert from the Witcher School of Rock would have made a fine addition to the new GWENT metal band Iron Judgment! Don’t miss Keira Metz at the drums in the background. However, I am afraid there are no tickets left, all concerts at the Continent were a sellout.

Just in case you were wondering “Who taught you to rock like this?” – Probably Imlerith: Abbath.

2) The Banner

The new expansion will be literally a ground-breaking experience, if you have a look at this soldier (1) who got stuck in the broken ground. The new expansion will also bring GWENT to mobile devices. As it seems, this guy (2) already is so caught up playing on his smartphone, even the imminent execution is less interesting compared to a round of GWENT. The hype is real. Time to clap your hands, not clip your hands! (3)

In defence of CDPR: They released a fixed version shortly after.

3) Leader Skins

With leaders as skins, we can finally go full-MOBA-style: Imagine seasonal skins like Brouver Hoog Santa or red-nosed Reindeer Woodland Spirit. Pirate Queen Calanthe with a parrot instead of a falcon, A cute chibi Svalblod, “Correct Harald” without shield, “skirtless Anarietta” or one skin for each season for Eithné – once Pandora’s Box has been opened, there is no escape from even more ridiculous ideas.

4) New Cards

Rather obvious, but new cards, new art, new strategies… This is the most entertaining part of GWENT. My first day after the new expansion usually consists of opening dozens of kegs, hoping for lots of golds. Next step: Admiring the artwork (and sounds) to spot some Easter eggs.
Onwards to the deck builder I go, to draft a couple of decks, theorycraft and end up with memes for the rest of the season. Choosing the best artwork worth spending meteorite powder on usually takes a few days longer. Meteorite powder is a limited resource after all.

5) The "goodest boi"


Such a cutie. When I played Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales I was already sad that he did not have a card in multiplayer GWENT. He has a quite exquisite taste and proved to be a Lyrian Merlot connoisseur. I was able to hide the precious beverage only for a few turns until Knickers came from my deck and munched it from my hand. Looking at his bowl, there is most likely and interesting story to it. Maybe he overwhelmetd a Nilfgaardian officer all by himself? Maybe he is the true lord of the castle in the background? Whatever it may be, Knickers has always been a fan favourite and I can relate. The radiant shimmer behind him makes him look like a saint, and with all the betrayal and scheming in Thronebreaker, he is the one you can trust.
Knickers is the “goodest boi” after all.

Easha is fonder of cats for obvious reasons, but she wrote a German fan fiction for the CDPR Valentine’s Day fanfiction contest about what might have happened before you encounter him during Thronebreaker.


We are looking forward to Iron Judgment and all the new content possibilities it might bring for Glittering Girly GWENT Gaming. New jewellery cards? New hip fashion? More card art worth writing about?
We are excited.

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