GWENT: Phonecoming

With GWENT: Phonecoming at your doorstep, we want to explore the new possibilities of mobile GWENTing: places where you can play, locations where you better should not. Upon release, it will only be available for iOS. For the people who dislike half-eaten fruits at their electronical devices, and use apples for something better instead: have this tasty apple-chutney recipe. We recommend adding some chilli to make the chutney as hot as Enraged Ifrit. But back to GWENT: Phonecoming, so charge your batteries, pay your phone bills and let’s get started.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


You can now play... the tavern

Meant as a tavern game in the first place, GWENT is finally back to its roots. So if you see a lonely person at the bar, you can finally ask the famous question “How about a round of GWENT?” The appropriate answer is to nod in silence, as The Witcher 3 games taught us. Just do not repeat Emhyr’s mistakes the mistake shown in this old GWENT trailer and start a sword fight as soon as some Nilfgaardians enter the bar. There is no need for a Tavern Brawl, rather let a match of GWENT solve the dispute. Drinks are on the loser. the smallest room

As the wall in front of you is probably not that interesting and a game of GWENT is more interesting than an execution (as we learned here), you can finally play even at this place. Just make sure you do not become a quite literal “Throne”breaker when you just ragequitted a match. During the loading screen, you should pay some attention to your surroundings, though. Maybe you can catch a fleeting glimpse at Ciri, just like Johnny did during his… business. Even if there are ranks to climb and quests to complete, and you probably have a socket in reach to recharge your device, you should not ignore the hammering at the door for too long. If you do, the person outside might invade your… realm just like the Nilfgaardians invaded the North. Desperate situations might lead to desperate measures.

…”Blitz-GWENT” again

The game mode of the Season of the Draconid in August where you only had six seconds for your turn may not be back as a game mode – you will have to wait until August 2020. However, just like with blitz chess, why no play against several opponents at the same time which leads to the same fast game experience? One game at PC, at each of the consoles and now on your mobile phone – The ultimate challenge if patience is not a virtue you are known to have.

You still should not play…

…in the bathtub

While GWENT might tickle your fancy, the tickling you feel when you drop your gaming device into the water might feel more similar to Alzur’s Thunder. You should also make sure that monsters like Dracoturtle remain in the game and do not raid your bathroom. Writing of raiding: Beware of Skellige’s Pirates and Syndicate’s Tidecloaks for the same reason. If you insist on playing in the water, you might want to ask the Lady of the Lake for advice. If she can store a sword in her lake without even slightest signs of corrosion, maybe she can teach you how to keep your device save from water?

…in road traffic

Roach already has the tendency to wander off to weird places if you pay attention.  Maybe you do not want to find out where it will lead the trusty horse if you don’t? A horse in outer space? Roach as new weathervane on top of the nearest tower? Better keep your Wagon at the road and be aware of Highwaymen. However, if you are driving a Dwarven Chariot, the right of way is certainly yours.

Don’t become a “smombie”!

You probably have encountered the seemingly undead plague of “smartphone zombies” already. Mindlessly roaming the streets, fearless (or rather: unaware) of anything ahead of them, hollow looks from squared eyes… If you ever feel a Ghoul nibbling at your toes, it might already be too late for you. Witchers are also known to hunt down the undead, so better do not risk it, even though Halloween Saovine is drawing near.


We hope GWENT: Phonecoming will be available for all mobile devices, soon. May it bring lots of new players to the game and veterans back to it. And who knows? Maybe you will hear “How about a round of GWENT?” more often in the streets from now on.

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