All I want for Christmas is... A new Witcher Tale!

With Christmas drawing near it is time to talk about wishes. Dear CD Projekt Red, please give us another Witcher Tale as a gift! After Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales has been released, the community suspected that there might be more of them, probably one for each faction.

This is GGGG’s suggestion for Skellige’s version. We hereby proudly present:

On Stranger Tides: The Witcher Tales

Banner of Clan An Claus

The story

You are playing as Nick Olas, jarl of the inunfamous Clan an Claus. Its members are former Nilfgaardians who wanted to become pirates and yet never quite learned how to Skellige. Over the course of their messed up Reverse-Raiding-Campaigns they end up bringing gifts to villages instead of pillaging them, they always take the least likable individuals of a settlement as a hostage and wonder why nobody intends to pay ransom for them.

Your island is not big enough for you anymore. In fact it has always been so little that no cartographer even bothered to add it to any map or write about its capital Kryst. But now Jarl Nick Olas an Claus embarks on an hopefully epic journey to finally bring at least some glory to his puny clan.

The Features

Fully customisable bears, beards and beers for as much immersion as possible
Because that’s what matters and Temeria is no part of Skellige. Change the taste of beards, the length of bears and the aggression level of beers to your heart’s content to fully embrace the spirit of the Isles.

Traverse the vast seas in your trusty ship “Rudolph the Red-bowed Drakkar” and soak its bow in your enemies’ blood.
Beware of the dangerous cliffs of your homeland, though! Plant fir trees on reefs and decorate them with colourful glass shards and shining lights to mark dangerous waters.

Manage your “hostages” and let them craft the packages you need for Reverse Raiding!
As many of the most hated individuals in the cities of the Continent are non-humans, quite many elves and gnomes joined your forces. You need to keep the production steady, so this little economy simulation will keep you (and luckily them) quite busy!

Become the champion of a traditional tournament!
Nobody really knows where the origins of the annual Kryst-Smash lie and nobody really knows what to do there. There are rumours that it has to do with the smashing of kegs, while others insist that this date marks the birth of money and procrastination. And even though this year’s tournament starts – as usual – with a WHAM!, the last Kryst-Smash always felt more memorable.


    • Technical requirements: Yes.
    • Loads of imagination as this game does not exist after all
    • Be in festive mood for Christmas
    • Sense of humour
    • Milk & Cookies
    • At least one empty sock

Totally not (and hopefully never in that form) available for all platforms on December 24th 2019!

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