We reached one thousand page views!

January 18th marks the next milestone of our blog: Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming has been accessed a thousand times. It has been added to our About the blog-page

We want to use this short blog post to thank all of our readers for stopping by. After half a year the blog is still there and we still have ideas what to write about.
In retrospect it has been a good idea. We found our niche in creating GWENT content which barely gets spotlight: Card arts, the persons behind the game and topics beyond numbers, meta, and competitive gameplay. Also writing a blog about GWENT: The Witcher card game appears to be a niche format as well – a very convenient one for us. Poppy and I have confidence in our writing capabilities; video and graphic design are not our cup of tea. If you still interested in our very cheap (and anything but serious) attempts of graphic editing, check the image of Rudolph the Red-bowed Drakkar in our blog post about the Skellige Witcher Tale. We established to post content somewhat regular and were able to find enough time for the blog without making it a stressful obligation.


We are still having lots of fun to come up with silly ideas, puns and girly topics about our favourite card game.
I am hyped that so many people are interested in what we write and create. With such a highly specialised topic, we still managed to draw attention to the blog and received praise from the GWENT-related Discord servers where we advertise our blog. I guess the exposure would be even higher if we would advertise on social media or the GWENT Reddit. When we did the interview with CDPR Community Manager Alicja Kozera, the post on her Twitter account lead to many page views. But neither Easha nor myself are involved enough on these platforms to warrant an own GGGG-account. Of course would be happy if you would spread the word on those channels, however, at the end of the day we are doing this not for numbers, but as a hobby and for the persons behind those numbers who enjoy our work. For you, lovelies!

Thank you for reading Glittery Girly Gwent Gaming and onwards to a bright (and pink!) future.

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  1. Congratulations on the milestone! In terms of niche Gwent content, this blog surely does take the cake in my personal opinion. Or pie. Or whatever foodstuff one might prefer.
    Hopefully the upwards trend continues through the future and all the future content that Gwent will bring. Perhaps those human-esque robots that threaten Gwent’s borders in the near future will find themselves in need of some tea parties and reading material?
    May your kegs be full of premium cards to crush into meteorite powder so that you can make more glittery girly (or not girly, although the jury’s out on which cards are or aren’t) gwent cards!

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