A cure to boredom - One month of GGGG

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


Do you remember our first post?
I mentioned the Blaugust Community there which helped with the creation of our blog. The whole initiative behind it is much more than creating blogs, though: It is a festival of blogging and is meant to encourage its participants to blog. Ideally on a daily basis over the course of one month, but just start or keep blogging and getting involved with each other is totally fine as well. You can read the details in the official announcement, it also explains why this event was moved from August to April.

As we were completely new to the whole blogging business and had our hands full with setting up the blog itself, we did not really participate in the actual blogging part during last year’s Blaugust. Now that we had time to learn the ropes, we will aim a little higher than the usual monthly post. To quote the flavour text of Thaw: “It heralds the coming of spring… Which, in turn, heralds the coming of war. “, so prepare for a content offensive.

When Easha showed me the Blapril announcement, I was eager to participate. I thought we can probably manage some more posts than one per month, until I saw the “reward” for one post per day: The Rainbow Diamond Award for 31 posts. Sparkling rainbows would fit our blog’s theme perfectly, so I wanted to go all-in and post once per day. But 31 posts are probably too ambitious for us, so we try to get at least half of this rainbow and aim for one post every two days, which is already much more than we usually do. This post you are reading is our first step towards this rainbow and it would be lovely of you to keep us some company – even though there probably is no pot of gold at its end, but at least a Blapril Silver Award. It also helps to combat the boredom during social distancing. Shani would approve. She is a medic and tends to know what she’s doing when she prescribes something.

Of course we won’t be able to do our usual posts, as those take lots of time and/or research and we are already looking at a growing backlog of ideas. Instead, we will do a series of mini-posts which focus on some Easter Eggs and references in the card’s art and flavour texts.

Stay tuned for a whole month of GGGG content where we will take a look beyond the frames!


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