The dwindling ember of an era

I am sadness, just like Iris. *sniff*
We actually planned to write a different post here, but before we start our journey beyond the frames, we kindly ask you for a moment of silence. With today’s update, we need to address this urgent and disheartening topic first. Easha, if you would? I cannot do this…

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


Dear beloved,

we be gathered here today to nail yer gizzards to the mast, yer poxy cur! to say farewell to our old friend Scorch.
Scorch used to be with us from the very beginning, it already sparked our burning passion for Gwent when it was still part of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And even though the game changed a lot during the development of the multiplayer version of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game up to this day, you were here for us. Unyielding and unchanged, killing the highest units on the board when we played you at the taverns of the Continent, and later in the standalone version alike. The meta and the players matured and evolved, yet you were always here to remind us to stay true to our roots.

Our memories of you are fond. How many of us have you taught the valuable lesson of paying attention to the game, after we cursed our play that scorched our very own unit? You were an important card in this initiation rite of a new Gwent player. Once you scorched your own unit, you finally found your place among your fellow Gwenches and Gwentlemen.
There were also hardships to endure. Our relationship proved to be more and more expensive over the course of several Homecoming patches, and yet we remained true to you and did not follow the false prophets of the Eternal Fire and their Sacred Flame. You were the one and only warming light of our hearts, topic of countless screenshots and forum threads and the one true god of all control-players.

And yet, now your light is dwindling. CDPR took the Initiative into their hands. No longer shall there be a tutor on our way to find you. Now we are obliged to put you first and above everything else, despite we already did so willingly throughout your whole life, now will become slaves to the circumstances. Now the Curse of Corruption might besmirch your pure heat and radiant light, drowning it in dark magic.

Will this truly be your end?
It will be the end to you and our relationship how we knew it, that’s certain. The end of an era. But will you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes? From the ashes you reduced the Phoenix to? Will the fire itself will be reborn as well? Let us belief in you once more, in our dear beloved friend Scorch.

In the name of the bereaved, with burning passion truly,

Villentretenmerth and Schirrú


*May 19th 2015 – †April 2nd 2020(?)

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