The adventures of Shupe – Part 2

In today’s episode we will continue covering Shupe’s adventures. You can read the first part here.
As I am more into killing and have actual real life experience with crossbows, I will cover Shupe: Hunter. Poppy as a Princess will tell you more about Shupe: Knight, even though Shupe has not sworn allegiance to her.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


Stalking the prey...

Shupe: Hunter

Shupe: Hunter wears a bonnet adorned by a green feather to show his hunter status. I doubt it is for camouflage reasons, as a troll does not seem that stealthy to me. But that is not the only issue which makes it unlikely that he will have a successful hunt: Using the fork of a branch as crossbow head will likely not penetrate the prey’s skin. I doubt we will ever find out, as the bolt seems to be not feathered to stabilise it mid-flight which makes hitting a target at longer ranges pretty difficult. Shupe’s thumb covers that part of the bolt, but as not even some part of the feathers poke out underneath, there are likely none at all. However, I have to give him credit for his technique which is rather resourceful. He cannot possibly use the trigger of such a small crossbow properly, so just using his thumb to keep the string taut is a pretty good idea. With his strength it should pose no problem – and neither is the recoil of that tiny crossbow for such a troll.
And yet overall I share the bird’s impression of Shupe’s hunting skills: If you look at its expression as it is sitting on the quiver, you can almost see it rolling its eyes. Should the Nekker be his “prey” and the whole hunt for fun, I doubt Shupe is going to win. The Nekker is hidden pretty well under those roots and seems to be aware of its advantage.

...and chasing it down

Shupe: Knight

Don’t be so harsh on him, Easha. At least he tries his best.
You can really see Shupe’s enthusiasm as a Knight charging at… well… the viewer? I am not quite sure why he is in such good mood, but a troll charging like this is likely to overcome whatever obstacle there is in front of him. An entire fortress city aside. Maybe.

I am deeply ashamed to admit that I just noticed that Shupe only has four toes compared to his five fingers for the very first time, even though I already wrote about his toes in our first episode. Anyway, have a look at his helmet. It’s super cute how he found a solution to actually wear a knight’s helmet despite having no helmet that fits him. The sword however, does fit him. Judging by its size, it was probably a large two-handed sword for a human, but in the giant hands of a troll it is merely a one-handed one. The last piece of Shupe’s equipment is a wooden shield. Judging from the cuts, he already used it in combat. It is adorned by what appears to be a red… wolf or lion, perhaps? I wonder whether Shupe copied an already existing emblem or came up with his own. In any case, it matches his red cape. Every hero needs a cape (like shown by our model hero Dandelion: Vainglory – thank you Dandelion) and Shupe certainly is a hero within Gwent.


Let’s hope Shupe always returns healthy, motivated and with lots of kegs from all his adventures. Maybe you want to stay in the shop a little longer next time and listen to some of his stories?

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