A healthy meta, mind and body

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All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.

As many players suffer under the newly introduced $yndicate leader ability Hidden Cache, we decided to initiate some counter-measures. If you have problems with Hoard 1 Passiflora Peaches, we have the solution:

Hoarding peaches!

And by that we do not mean that you should hoard them in distant castles behind a pit of lava, protected by a spiky turtle. The poor fellow princess… Rather consult your local Ofiri Merchant and get some fruits at once! When the meta seems unhealthy to you, grab some healthy food. Their blossoms are as pretty as the ladies at the card art, but unlike them they will probably not let you feel the urge to forfeit a game of Gwent. April is the perfect time to see peach trees in full blossom in Europe, so whenever you get annoyed by the Peaches card in Gwent, close your eyes and think of peach flowers. Their delicate pink colour, their sweet smell, some bees buzzing around them… Don’t lose yourself in that fantasy, though. You still need to play a card this turn and cannot rope for too long.

Unlike the Gwent card, real peaches are incredibly old. Fossils of peach pips found in China have been dated to be from the late Pliocene, which makes them about 2.6 million years old. So show some respect to your elders and do not curse your opponent for playing them.

We covered looks and age. That leaves us with taste. I bet the kiss of a Passiflora Peach is incredibly sweet, but so are the fruits. And if you want to be a little more exotic and both are too sweet to handle: Get Passiflora passion fruits. Passion certainly is involved with the Passiflora Peaches, and passion fruits complement the taste of peaches well, as they are little sour and lead to an overall more balanced flavour. And if you take a look at player opinions regarding Hidden Cache $yndicate, balance is all they demand. They would even sell their Saul for it.

However, I strongly recommend you do not taste the Fruits of Ysgith. I am not quite sure whether those are healthy at all, despite being high in iron. And yet something tells me that Gernichora’s Fruit is still not good for haematosis – quite the opposite. I suggest you visit the Passiflora and enjoy some grapes instead. Look at the personal trainer of the man at the left: She even helps him with his fitness program and rewards him with some grapes for every crunch. He has some way to go compared  to the elf in the background, but good job at getting started. You can do it!


Remember to stay healthy, lovelies. Eat your vitamins, work out a little and always be wonderful!

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