All the birds

No, not the ones of Alfred Hitchcock, but the ones of CDPR.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


While we already covered the weather vane Easter Egg in an ealier post, let’s talk about the CDPR logo in detail – or rather, let CDPR talk about it:

“We are rebels and rebels are free. Just like birds. The Northern Cardinal is what we see ourselves in the industry: intrepid, bold and confident; flying high and aiming even higher. The colour, cardinal RED, is something that connects it with another bird, a mythological creature close to our cultural roots and heritage–the Raróg, a small firebird believed to bring luck to people. RED stands for energy, the inner fire that drives us; it represents something very close to everyone here in the studio–the creativity and passion we harness from within ourselves to make the best RPGs in the world.“
Adam Badowski
CDPR Head of Studio

Between myth...

While we are at the topic of mythological birds, the Witcher universe knows plenty of them: There is the Phoenix, but contrary to popular belief it is no actual bird but an avian draconid. This was even represented in the card’s category which used to be Dragon before it got changed to Beast. The Phoenix was of mayor importance during the Midwinter (Christmas) event of 2017, where Geralt was contracted to kill a Phoenix because it had attacked people – just to find out that his client had lied to him and only wanted its feathers to adorn a dress for his wife which is why Geralt decided to spare the creature.

The golden cockerel Kambi’s crow is said to awaken Hemdall and marking the beginning of Ragh Nar Roog: nothing less than the end of the world – and the end of Kambi’s life, if you look at Hemdall’s artwork.

...and reality

But there also pretty common birds in the Witcher universe. The whole Crow Clan is very fond of their birds, and even talks with them. I cannot talk to birds, only to demon cats, but maybe that is remotely comparable. They really love their crows to bits: Crow Clan Druid is among my favourite premium animations. I could watch her playing with them for hours, the little food teasing and how much she enjoys her connection to the crows. On the other hand I do not really want to encounter Crowmother alone in a dark forest. No offense! The same goes for Regis. Why he certainly is a cultivated gentleman, the scene at his card art is super creepy.

Writing of forests: Fauve is yet another great artwork involving birds, where she “flies” alongside one. It is such a great interpretation of freedom and joy. And yet, there is also an example of quite the opposite of freedom and joy: I highly recommend playing the moving quest involving Vivienne de Tabris in the Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine game, or at least reading about it (Beware: Witcher 3 Blood & Wine Spoiler in that link.) Watching Vivienne: Oriole’s premium animation is much more intense after you know the story behind it. You can really see her feelings in that brief moment of art. The animators did a great job with conveying those emotions.

And now would you excuse me, please? I think I got something into my eyes… q_q


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