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My apologies for swearing, lovelies. I am merely quoting Gwent cards, the foul language is not my own, I swear! I mean, I don’t swear! But didn’t I just…? I am confused >.<

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.

Novigrad with all its different gangs naturally is a cradle of conflict, and today’s story is about such a conflict. Not on a large scale. Just a dwarf of the Crownsplitters and a human of the Cutups are involved and their story is being told across three cards.


Let’s get started with this Bloody Good Fun, even though only the Cutup is having fun here. Quite some sadistic fun, when you see him twisting the knife in the wound in the premium artwork. I can relate to that kind of fun and would like to… ANYWAY I am just not quite sure how it came to this assault. Either the two gangs despise each other that much that such actions are daily business, or it has something to do with whatever the dwarf is doing with that symbol in front of him. It is hard to tell, as I don’t really know what it is even supposed to be. Maybe some sort of sign to mark gang territory? In the end the Cutup probably did not need a reason at all, as there is an inherent Insanity in his gang and such gruesome deeds are no surprise.

Bloody Good Fun
Crownsplitter Thug
Bloody Good Friends

Elementary, my dear Easha!
Onwards to the next crime scene, and it’s neither the butler nor the gardener, but our two usual suspects. Apparently the Crownsplitter Thug lusts for revenge (and not because the Cutup human lusted after his ladyfolk). Who would have guessed after he got stabbed in his hand with a knife? I am genuinely surprised he can already grab something again, even though the only treatment seems to be a bandage. Well… At least they removed the knife before applying it. A bandage won’t be enough if our Cutup gets hit by that axe and if you listen to the noises in the background, like the screaming woman and the noise of a hit… it does not look listen good.

…but he missed nonetheless. However, it happened a lot between this scene and the last picture. Here is what I think:
To dodge the axe the Cutup had pretty much no other choice than throwing himself out of the reach of that blow. Look at the dirt of his pants: he landed in the dust of the streets. And judging by the tumbled basket of onions, he jumped straight into the vegetable booth of an Ofiri merchant which was not amused to find it in shambles and neither are his guards. Facing such a fight while being outnumbered does make the mortal enemies (with an emphasis on mortal in that situation) Bloody Good Friends – at least for a while, if you look at the flavour text. Let us hope the wound of the Crownsplitter dwarf will not be much of a hindrance. Judging from the colour of blood that sips through the bandage, the wound is still fresh.


It would be a shame if their story were to end here. Bloody Good Friends was one of my favourite cards from the Merchants of Ofir expansion because of that little tale it continued. I want to know how the story goes on and hope we will get another Bloody Good card with the next expansion.

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