Premium Easter Eggs - Part 1

Easter may be already over, but today we shall have a look at some Easter Eggs nonetheless. Easter Eggs in our case are tiny little details that got sneaked into the premium cards by their animators – even without the knowledge of their superiors. That is one reason why some of them need several minutes of careful observation until they finally trigger.
In case you want to find the Easter Eggs on your own, we put their descriptions in spoilers so you know which cards to look for without spoiling the actual surprise.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.
Most of the Easter Eggs can be found in this gallery as small video snippets. Beware of spoilers and one NSFW artwork.


A newspaper page is blown into her face by the storm.

While getting a page of the newspaper blown into her face is probably of lesser concern to Birna Bran in her condition, it is probably not overly pleasant either. Imagine if that page has the weather forecast written on it? Or you are not interested in sports and yet are forced to read about the latest Cryst-Smash results because you cannot spare a hand to turn the page? Or you got a page of the latest rain wear catalogue in your face?
That aside: Do not simply throw your read newspaper away like this and pollute Skellige’s nature. Please use a bin. I am not quite sure what the penalty for such behaviour is on the Isles, but you might not want to end up with your personal stone right next to Birna.

A Nekker pokes out of her bag.

Urgh… Whispess: Tribute is real nightmare material. Even without the maniacal look of that Nekker the cards is scary enough. The disembodied hands waving from that bag, the blood sipping through it and ears dangling from the tree in the background make me shudder. Can we just move on, please?

The sky produces a blue screen error page.

Even though connection problems and bugs can occur in Gwent, the one at Travelling Merchant is intended. It is reminiscence to the blue screen of death displayed by Windows systems after a fatal system error. If the sky itself had a fatal system error, I would presume it would look more like Ragh Nar Roog – quite fatal, indeed. The runes of that blue screen are probably even stating an error message, but Blapril is keeping us quite busy, so we did not translate them.

One of the dust particles is actually the logo of the School of Wolf.

The Easter Egg of Winch really took us a while to spot, because it is barely visible. Even if you have been waiting for it to appear, you would dismiss it as your imagination. It did not really help that Easha and I got distracted by the cute mouse sitting there – for entirely different reasons.

A penguin appears at the iceberg in the background.

And it probably wonders what the entire ruckus is about. It is quite risky to traverse the cold waters were iceberg occur with a vessel, even for an experienced Dimun Pirate Captain. They pirate’s target must have been very desperate to attempt an escape between the icy giants that crush entire ships as if they were toy. Let’s hope none of the two vessels bears the name Titanic.


We have more hidden Easter Eggs for you in the second episode.

You can check out the rest of the Blapril posts via our announcement.

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