Premium Easter Eggs - Part 2

Are you still searching for the Easter Eggs of the first part, lovelies? If you cannot wait to continue the hunt, we have the next batch ready for you.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.
Most of the Easter Eggs can be found in this gallery as small video snippets. Beware of spoilers and one NSFW artwork.


The hallucination of a nude Triss appears as the victim is about to lose consciousness.

Now that is a daring twist to Whoreson’s Freakshow. I know Gwent is rated for age 16+ and the image is blurry – and yet that one surprised me. I have to give that person credit for thinking of his waifu in their final moment, though. I can get quite sentimental over such things…

A giant towering over its comrades is marching by.

And that giant is a rather famous one, judging by the skin colour no other than Marvel’s Hulk. I genuinely wonder how he got conscripted to the army. He probably volunteered, as I doubt forcing him would be a good idea, as he wipe out their very own Reinforcements.

The bard is going into disco-mode.

And here you were, thinking Priscilla could only do ballads. Instead she seems to be a secret member of the Witcher School of Rock, just like Glambert and Imlerith: Abbath. Enter the mosh pit, lovelies! When Priscilla is in town things are going to get spicy. I am not sure how they are doing the lighting. Maybe they are just part of your imagination while you are fascinated by this stunning performance.

A different background appears whenever you refresh the premium animation.

The Easter Egg of Ciri: Nova is quite subtle, but in contrast to the other Easter Eggs you do not need to wait several minutes to spot it, but can trigger it yourself instead. When you open the detailed card view there is a brief moment where you can see the background image before it vanishes in the chaotic outbursts of Ciri’s power. And that background image is picked random out of four different ones. As Ciri has yet to learn to control her ability to traverse time and space, this randomness is such a fitting Easter Egg. The four random images are a forest, a mountain ridge, a city plaza and a seaside fortress.

The flame’s shape transforms into a fiery dragon.

Maybe the Sacred Flame was dragon fire all along? If you look at Prophet Lebioda’s card art, it might be the flame of that very dragon that ate him. Prophet Lebioda was considered a very wise man, but frankly: wise men would know better than confronting dragons alone only armed with their faith.


There are the Easter Eggs we found, but who knows? As well hidden as they are we might have missed some. If you happen to know some more, please let us know and maybe we can find enough to write a third part.

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