Riddle of a characteristic helper

Let me pose you a riddle:
In this episode we will have a look at one of the most important ladies in Geralt’s life. She can bend time and space, can teleport to any destination despite having some trouble with that ability. She also has a strong bond to Geralt but no – It’s not Ciri. Strangely enough, she is barely part of the Waifu Wars and there is much less cosplay to find of her in the depths of the internet. And yet she is helps him to carry his burden, is the one always close to Geralt and the only woman he (white) wolf-whistles.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


The lady in question is Geralt’s trusty steed Roach. (Have some bonus points if you spotted the name in the title already.)

Not to be confused with the human Vernon Roche, as I highly doubt he would be an efficient means of locomotion. Neither are cockroaches, but Roach is in fact named after a different animal: not the insect, but the fish. Its name “Płotka” in the original Polish version is female-gendered, indicating Roach is indeed a mare. It is also a diminutive, often used for pet names. As in “pet names” and not names for pets. Even though it is both in this case… you know what I mean. Seems like Geralt has a soft spot for his Roach after all, even though he might never admit that in public.


Now it all makes sense! If Roach’s name originates from a fish, I finally understand how you can whistle for her on the Skellige Isles even if you never see her transported there on a boat. She simply swam there on her own! A whole ocean is no obstacle for the bond between horse and rider. However, there are much more difficult obstacles that even Roach cannot overcome: Like… low fences. Or a branch “blocking” the road. That can be downright impossible to overcome for her for whatever reason. Height does not seem to be the problem, though. You can even find your horse on the roofs of smaller buildings or getting caught in treetops as it can be seen in her Gwent card art. CDPR has quite some humour to make such a funny reference to bugs and glitches. I am actually being unfair here, it is not even a bug – this behaviour is intended: CDPR released a video and explained their reasons.

As indicated by the video there is a quest in the Witcher 3 Blood & Wine expansion where Roach talks to you. I always knew that she is very good at listening. In fact I told her a lot of things while riding to the next quest marker and she always listened, but during that quest I found out that she also is a pleasant conversationist. However, I was a little confused by her male voice at first.
At the end of the day, Roach is a very important character in the Witcher universe, even though she does not get much spotlight. So look at this horse, this horse is amazing! Give it a li— Urgh… now I have that song stuck in my head. <.<


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