Beyond the fourth wall

If you are a regular of Gwent’s developer streams, you should already know about game director Jason Slama and community manager Pavel Burza. They have other guests once in a while so you might also have seen some different faces there. But did you know that you can see those faces in the game as well?

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.
All real life pictures were taken from their respective Twitter accounts or official Gwent streams/articles.


We start with Pavko Gale, as this was the first generally known card depicting one of the Reds. Of course it had to be a Scoia’tael card, as this is known to be his favourite faction. Pawel Burza is in charge of delivering leeks via forum and the weekly show This Week in Gwent (TWIG) on Youtube. The leek reference is also mentioned in the card’s flavour text and you can see a leek in his belt as well.

Our lord and saviour Jason Slama got his card with the Novigrad expansion, despite his favourite faction is Monsters. In fact Walter Veritas (the surname being the latin word for “truth”) is a character invented by CDPR for the release of the expansion. He is from a family of detectives who run their agency Truthseekers in Novigrad and wrote an investigational report about the Novigradian underworld. You can read the messages which were posted as expansion teasers across several social media channels here. Jason Slama was responsible for writing those, so it was only natural that he would lend his face to the card.

Pavko Gale
Pawel Burza

Walter Veritas
Jason Slama

Germain Piquant
Maciej Ostrowski

Gabor Zigrin
Michał Dobrowolski

Tax Collector
Piotr Golus

Maciej “Ostry” Ostrowski certainly is a hero we deserved – despite the flavour text of Germain Piquant. He works as a gameplay Design Coordinator at CDPR and is the author of the developer commentary in the patch notes. Ostry also joins Burza’s developer streams once in a while to provide some background information why a certain card has been designed or changed. That background information is very interesting and gives a lot of insight I really appreciate.

Another person who does no longer work on Gwent but has a card there is open world designer Piotr Golus aka Rysik. Even though he joined the Cyberpunk 2077 department, you can still find him carefully checking all the data in his card Tax Collector.

Gabor Zigrin as a Thronebreaker card was inspired by the game’s lead designer Michał “Luigi” Dobrowolski. He and Burza announced Thronebreaker and Gwent: Homecoming together in a developer stream. You won’t see him together with Burza on streams anymore, because Luigi has turned his attention to other matters and does not work on Gwent anymore. Maybe he got a new job as a plumber? And yet his card remains and so does the character in Thronebreaker, so you do not need to miss him!


There are also rumours of more Reds like event manager Maciej „Repek“ Reputakowski-Madej having a card, but those are the ones we found so far.

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