Beyond the frame - Part 1: Films

As already hinted in our announcement, we are going to take another look beyond the frame. We already covered the Easter Eggs in the premium animations, but there are many more references in the cards’ art and flavour text. Today we will focus on popular films hidden in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.



We will start with Immortals and their distinct masks. I hope you have at least 300 trusty warriors in your army to repel their attack, as this card looks very similar to the Persian warriors depicted in the screen adaption of the comic of the same name. This historical fantasy is based on the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BC where an alliance of Greek city-states faced the First Persian Empire. The card’s name Immortals is also a historical reference, as this was the name of an elite unit of the empire’s army. Their effect has a trait of immortality as well: Whenever you attempt to kill them and break their shield, they only return stronger than before.

Kingdom of Heaven

If you compare the Magne Division marching through the desert to the Crusaders dying on their march through the Holy Land, there is a moment where a scene of the film and the artwork of the card align almost perfectly.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

“’tis but a scratch”. One of my favourite scenes of the overall great movie is depicted in the background of Ard Feainn Light Cavalry. You can see the already armless knight fighting in the background. Now that is some fighting spirit I can admire him for, relentlessly pushing for victory despite all odds. Or missing arms. Even though he does not wear black armour, the reference is quite obvious – on the premium version, that is. You get so much joy for so little meteorite powder here.

Batman: The Dark Knight

While we are at the topic of dark knights: Germain Piquant’s flavour text “The hero Toussaint needs, but not the one it deserves.“ refers to the last scene of this film. It is not a direct quote. Unlike the words of police commissioner James Gordon, the flavour text does not give credit to Germain – quite the opposite. This is a little unfair, Germain “killed” the higher Vampire Regis after all. Okay, Regis was intoxicated and thus unable to resist. And Germain did not really kill him. And in fact Vesemir and Geralt did most of the work. Maybe it is not that unfair after all…

The Matrix: Revolutions

A smile can convey so much! Not only does Morkvarg: Heart of Terror enjoy his work, I was quite sure I knew that smile from somewhere. Isn’t that right, Mr Anderson? He looks just like Agent Smith from The Matrix: Revolutions – both have that devilish glee in their eyes (and so does Easha).

Breaking Bad

The flavour text “I do this for my family, always for my family!“ of Back Alley Chemist is likely a reference to Walter White of the Breaking Bad televisions series. This character sets up a drug production to pay the medical bills for the treatment of his lung cancer and to leave behind money for his family should he lose his fight against the disease. The chemist and White look alike and judging from the markings of the Back Alley Chemist’s skin, he seems to suffer from an illness as well – even though could also be related to his work and aggressive chemicals damaging his skin.

Michael Bay/Till Lindemann

Writing of action movies: Film director Michael Bay who is known for extensive use of special effects such as explosions in his films is referenced in the flavour text of Pyrotechnician.
In the German localisation the dwarf is named Till Linde, a reference to Till Lindemann, lead singer of the German band Rammstein. Their opulent fire shows during live performances are a trademark of the band and Lindemann is in fact a certified pyrotechnician.


There are more references in the game other than films. We will have a look at those in the second part.

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