Not everyone finds their fortune in Novigrad. One unfortunate trip into a back alley, one unfortunate trade, crossing the wrong person and you end up in the sewers. Probably not for 15 years begging like a beast, but begging on the streets.

You can click the card names to see their premium versions.
All card art and premiums were taken from The Voice of Gwent.


Whatever happened to this poor unfortunate soul, judging from his condition begging is pretty much the only option he has. His legs have been amputated and the wounds did not heal well judging from the pus sipping through the dirty bandages. He also appears to be half blind, but at least his hands seem unharmed – and rather prolific when you take look at his business.


His arts

The Beggar sells sketches and portraits drawn with the charcoal you can see at his… well not feet. He probably uses old wanted posters or other paper from message boards – you can still see faint letters on the portraits in the background. Writing of those, they all depict famous characters from the Witcher universe. From left to right: Yennefer of Vengerberg, Triss Merrigold, Ciri and Vesemir. The one he advertises should be Geralt of Rivia.

The portraits are done in the art style of Cubism which was pioneered by Pablo Picasso in the early 1900s. Let us hope for the beggar, that a patron of art discovers his works, even though it is doubtful as he is probably several hundred years ahead of his time. Maybe he will get famous after his passing and pictures that did not even grant him two Crowns back then will be sold for small fortunes. Artist can be a quite thankless job. Maybe he can cooperate with other artists of his time, like Ge’els or Avallac’h, even though I highly doubt they would bother.

Shadow of the masses

While we already wrote about Easter Eggs in premium animations, this card has yet another one: You can see the shadows of the Thronebreaker cast passing by. As far as we can tell they appear in the same order, at least at the start – it might be randomised later on. The animation always starts with a guardsman (noticeable by the spear) who tosses a coin to his Witcher the beggar. Thank you dear guardsman! Next Gascon wearing his fancy hat and whistling a happy song walks by. We have Count Caldwell in the third position, you can hear his derogatory snort as he passes the beggar. The sound of the premium animation ends here, so from now on we have to rely on visuals only.

Among the other passers-by is a Witcher. If we go with the Thronebreaker-theory is is either Geralt of Rivia or Ivo of Belhaven. Another one is Isbel of Hagge, who can be recognised by her brimmed hat. One shadow is much shorter compared to the rest. As it has a rather sturdy appearance, it is most likely Gabor Zigrin. Barnabas Beckenbauer may be of the same size but is much more frail. There are two other more generic human shadows, who might belong to Reynard Odo, Black Rayla or Xavier Lemmens – it is hard to tell from the shadows alone, but Reynard should be one of those while we are still not sure regarding the other one.


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