Blapril is over - We are still here!

We made it, lovelies!
This is our 15th post for Blapril, the Silver Award is ours! Thank you so much to all of you who made this journey together with us. To all the new folks who discovered our blog during Blapril: thank you for joining us!

Compared to the last Blaugust 2019 event where we were busy with getting our blog started, this time we actually participated and wrote posts.  While numbers are not too important to us and I do not want to bother you with statistics, there is one thing we are proud of: Every day of this month at least one person visited our blog, and I think it is only fitting that our continuous work during Blapril was rewarded with a matching continuous interest from you – our readers.


The good

Not only did we reach our goal and the award, we also learned a lot along the way.
The new formats like the flip boxes we used for the Developer post were last used on our main page when we created the blog, so it’s been quite a while. We also looked into other new layout options, even though we did not use them for now. There a still so many we have not found a purpose for. But why force something fancy into the text which is ultimately just fluff and does not support the actual content? Only because you could, does not necessarily mean you should. Either way, it is great to have those options at your disposal and the problem is being spoiled for choice, rather than being limited.
On another positive note: We got more efficient. The continuous posting every second day helped to establish a routine and ultimately accelerated our work flow. And despite the routine we also managed to make decisions on the fly: The Scorch obituary has been written and posted within a day without any preparation, as the patch notes presented us with that opportunity.

We also like to thank the Blaugust community and especially Tessa who is a mentor there.
She is veteran blogger with over 11 years of experience under her belt and has already published her writing in physical form. She does not even play Gwent and yet is an avid reader of GGGG and even praised our writing style. And while being praised does feel good, it feels even better if it comes from a person with that much skill and experience. If you are interested in (her) literature, I recommend you pay her blog a visit. If you are fonder of reading about her gaming life, you can do so here. Yes, she does not only run one, but two blogs worth reading.
Thank you for being wonderful, Tessa! You really motivated us!

The bad

Compared to our usual monthly post it has been a tremendous amount of extra work for us. As a duo, we cannot simply write and post whenever we want, but have to match our schedules. Although both of us had more time for the blog during this month, it has been stressful once in a while. Sometimes we felt like some topics could have been written in more detail as a monthly post and in better quality. Do not get me wrong, if a post would not have fulfilled our quality standards we would just not have posted it. The Silver Award is a nice achievement, but we would not have sacrificed our post quality for its sake.
However, without that extra time it would have been impossible and looking back, we will not go for 15 posts again. Maybe 5 for the Bronze Award, or maybe we will just support the Blaugust event without increasing our post output. Ultimately it is about the fun of blogging and a community aspect. Stress, or even a making more frequent blog posts a chore is not in the spirit of the event. We never reached unhealthy amounts of stress and are still fine, it is more like we are not used to it than an actual negative impact.

Not the ugly, but the future

We will go back to our usual monthly release schedule now. This is the perfectly normal GGGG posting cycle and we hope our new readers will not forget about us despite the much longer time between new posts. For now we will have our well-deserved break and celebrate our achievement a little before we get back to work. We still have plenty of topics to write about and that is not even counting the ideas that may arise when CDPR adds new content to the game.


You can check out the rest of the Blapril posts via our announcement. Thank you for staying with us for the entire month.

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  1. Aww you guys! Making me tear up this early in the morning (10:19 am). Thank you so much for the kind words. And congrats on making your goal. You did well and I enjoyed reading all of the posts. Looking forward to the next one, as always.

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