Demons are a girl's best friend

Princess Poppy

Cute Part-time Online Princess

Born into a noble online bloodline she is the glittering girly part of GGGG. Every sparkle and unicorn is a tribute to her. After it has been recommended to her by friends, GWENT was Poppy’s first online card game, even though she has played some physical TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and the Pokémon Trading Card Game before.
Her family breeds the world-famous unicorn-kitties (cute fur balls with a unicorn horn) which are now her responsibility. She also indulges in macaroni art which graces not only the family’s manor, but also museums all over the kingdom.

In her offline time, Poppy may be less noble, but certainly not less glittering: She likes jewellery, flamboyant accessoires like gloves, ribbons and hats, cute plushies and cooking. During extensive but slow-paced bicycle tours, she comes up with new ideas for GGGG and dreams of riding the Trans-Siberian Railway at least once in her life.

All of Poppy’s text at this blog will be written in this pretty pink colour.


Easha Dustfeather

Notoriously Pessimistic Demon Cat

Disappointed in humanity as a whole, she considers GWENT as one of the few good ideas of mankind. Easha adds a dark touch in contrast to all the pink colour of GGGG.
With no prior experience in CCGs, she discovered GWENT during the closed beta and started playing because of it’s amazing art and is thus always short on meteorite powder.

In her sparse free time (planning the downfall of humanity is time consuming after all), she is usually busy playing GWENT or writing about it in this blog, the official GWENT Discord  server or in articles for new players. She is also an active member of the Lodge of Sorceresses GWENT community.
Apart from card games, Easha likes to read, writes poems, trains medieval European swordsmanship/archery and participates in historical reenactment on several weekends per year.

All of Easha’s text at this blog will be written in black, just like the colour of her fur and soul.