The origins of Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming

A gloomy rainy autumn day. Freezing temperatures, fog outside which absorbs all colours and leaves you with nothing but a dull, grey, wet nothing.
GWENT talk between Poppy and Easha was on a downwards spiral: Always going first. A losing streak and thus dropping further down the ranked ladder. Unfortunate RNG. Bad matchups… you name it. The whole gamut. The topic changed to content creation and was followed by Poppy’s small rant that women were totally underrepresented in content creation which lead to the following statement:

And thus it began...

Oh boy (or rather: oh girl ;=)) and how it began! I was totally hyped and wanted a pink website! And unicorns! Which I did not get back then, but at least after a few more suggestions (like “Good Girl Gwent” which Easha did not like because it sounded as if Gwent were a pet) we ended up with another G and the current name and slogan:


Why GG when you can GG twice?

“GG” refers to a game mechanic of GWENT where you can click a button to wish your opponent a “Good Game” after the match as a token of appreciation and gesture of good sports(wo)manship.


What to expect from the blog?