A journey through the Journey – Part 1

Are you ready for a journey on the glittering, glamorous (demon)catwalk? We will have look at the cosmetics of the current Journey. Read about the difficulties of heels, the importance of armour and hairstyle choices and join our excursion into Japanese culture.

A skin, a skin! My queendom for a skin!

A post about blatantly open lobbyism and being spoiled for leader skin choices without having one. We also take a sneak a peek at the work behind the creation of leader skins by CDPR. Also: birthday parties.

Master Mirror is on our wall

We have a look at the new Gwent expansion while we write about fairy tales, the Season of Leeks, a famous glazier and Pokémon.


Being an artist is a thankless job, especially if you are a pioneer and nobody recognises your talent. The Thronebreaker cast does not seem to be patrons of arts.

Dice of Destiny

The Witcher RPGs for PC and consoles, Gwent the Witcher Card Game are all great games, but did you know, that there is yet another Witcher game beyond screens and pixels?