The adventures of Shupe – Part 1

Frodo Beutlin and Samwise Gamgee, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn , Geralt of Rivia and Roach… For a good adventure you need some even better company. But what about us Gwent players?
We have Shupe and it is his time to shine in this blog post

Make love, not Waifu Wars!

While the merciless war of who is the best Witcher waifu is being waged, Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming takes a closer look at the three ladies’ card backs. Learn why the number of snakes around a staff matters and read our opinion on the design of this most recent vanity addition to Shupe’s stock.

All I want for Christmas is… A new Witcher Tale!

Brace yourselves: Not only Winter, but also a new Witcher Tale is coming! At least we would wish for one. After Thronebreaker for Northern Realms, the second game could be Skellige-themend and Glittery Girly Gwent Gaming got an exclusive preview for it – in fact so exclusive that even CDPR does not know the game exists. (Probably because it does not.)
Nevertheless you can read about it’s features, requirements and story.

Chirping Reds: Community Manager Alicja Kozera

The silverware has been polished and sweet sins have been baked: GGGG invited the self-proclaimed Empress of Nilfgaard and CDPR Community Manager Alicja Kozera to a tea party.
We are talking about fashion, the hardships of being the Empress and – of course – about leeks.

GWENT: Phonecoming

About places where you should (not) play GWENT on mobile, horses in outer space, anti-rust-magic and why a being smombie isn’t a good idea with Saovine drawing near.

What if GWENT were not a card game?

What if GWENT would not have been released as a card game, but as another genre? Read Poppy’s charmingly weird thoughts about dating simulators, auto-battlers and other genres.

Shiny! Jewellery in GWENT – Part 1: Monsters

The first part of a series about jewellery in GWENT.

Read more about whether vampires can wear silver amulets, why a wagon’s wheel can be considered an amulet, and whether the legends of dragons’ mythical hoards are true.