Of dog days (and birthdays)

Even though it is almost too hot to write and to celebrate our 3rd birthday, this blog post goes to the dogs… quite literally!
Read about dogs in the stars, noble dogs, scientific dogs, fairy tales – and avoiding body shaming.

Midsummer Waifu Wars

GWENT’s Midsummer event rewards you with fancy new cosmetics and we are going to have a closer look at all of them. From happy Midsummer celebrations across the Continent to sad stories from the past, join us for the lore behind the cosmetics.

A Walkthrough the Card – PoP Thanedd Coup: Introduction & Neutrals

We join Blaugust 2021 with our series A Walkthrough the Card where we discuss art, lore and flavour texts of the new cards.
Read about the events at Thanedd, surprisingly aggressive furniture and sophisticated sheep shearing spells in our first blog post about GWENT’s new expansion.

A Journey into the future

While Yennefer’s Journey is about to end, we will have look ahead and try to guess the characters of the upcoming Journeys. Unlike with another certain Fortune Teller, no cards were sullied and neither birds nor unicorns were harmed during our prediction.

A Midwinter Story

Even if it is cold outside, have a heartwarming story to read in front of the fireplace as GGGG bids 2020 adieu.

A journey through the Journey – Part 2

We continue our Journey and discuss the rest of the cosmetics. Expect even more video game references, a second lesson on Japanese culture and a detailed interpretation of the card backs.