Make love, not Waifu Wars!

While the merciless war of who is the best Witcher waifu is being waged, Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming takes a closer look at the three ladies’ card backs. Learn why the number of snakes around a staff matters and read our opinion on the design of this most recent vanity addition to Shupe’s stock.

All I want for Christmas is… A new Witcher Tale!

Brace yourselves: Not only Winter, but also a new Witcher Tale is coming! At least we would wish for one. After Thronebreaker for Northern Realms, the second game could be Skellige-themend and Glittery Girly Gwent Gaming got an exclusive preview for it – in fact so exclusive that even CDPR does not know the game exists. (Probably because it does not.)
Nevertheless you can read about it’s features, requirements and story.

Chirping Reds: Community Manager Alicja Kozera

The silverware has been polished and sweet sins have been baked: GGGG invited the self-proclaimed Empress of Nilfgaard and CDPR Community Manager Alicja Kozera to a tea party.
We are talking about fashion, the hardships of being the Empress and – of course – about leeks.

GWENT: Phonecoming

About places where you should (not) play GWENT on mobile, horses in outer space, anti-rust-magic and why a being smombie isn’t a good idea with Saovine drawing near.

Shiny! Jewellery in GWENT – Part 1: Monsters

The first part of a series about jewellery in GWENT.

Read more about whether vampires can wear silver amulets, why a wagon’s wheel can be considered an amulet, and whether the legends of dragons’ mythical hoards are true.