Premium Easter Eggs – Part 1

To quote Ciri’s taunt: “Watch closely and you might learn something.” Even though Easter is over, we hunt for Easter Eggs in the premium artworks of Gwent cards.

A bloody good post

Follow Master detective Poppy and her assistant Easha into the dangerous streets of Novigrad as they investigate a Bloody Good story being told across three different crime scenes.

All the Birds

It’s spring, and the Reds are not the only ones chirping at our blog. Read more about the birds of the Witcher universe: from crows to Rarógs, phoenixes and apocalyptic golden roosters.

The adventures of Shupe – Part 2

The adventure continues! A thrilling hunt in the forests of Dol Balthanna and a heroic charge towards the enemy lines – we have it all!

The adventures of Shupe – Part 1

Frodo Beutlin and Samwise Gamgee, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn , Geralt of Rivia and Roach… For a good adventure you need some even better company. But what about us Gwent players?
We have Shupe and it is his time to shine in this blog post

Make love, not Waifu Wars!

While the merciless war of who is the best Witcher waifu is being waged, Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming takes a closer look at the three ladies’ card backs. Learn why the number of snakes around a staff matters and read our opinion on the design of this most recent vanity addition to Shupe’s stock.